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Artificial Grass Is A Must For Commercial Property Owners And Managers


As a commercial property manager, you are charged with keeping facilities looking their best without spending above your budget. But with natural grass, this can be a challenge, especially if your property is large or if you manage multiple ones. Sod must be watered, and it must be mowed, in addition to regular spraying with weedkillers and pesticides to keep the grounds looking their best. After all, a splotchy front entrance and patchy pool area won’t make tenants or guests happy.

5 Ways Artificial Grass Is Perfect For Commercial Offices

Your office building sees its fair share of traffic, from tenants and their employees to guests and clients. That means that you need to balance multiple obligations to make sure everyone gets what they want:

How To Care For Artificial Grass Lawns That See Commercial Traffic

Installing artificial grass at your commercial buildings has benefits like reduced maintenance costs and an always-attractive entrance.

3 Reasons Switching To Artificial Grass At Your Commercial Building Is Worth It

As a commercial building manager or owner, you need to balance tenant needs with facility maintenance, ensuring that both are always in line with the other. And along with that, you’ll need to make sure that your balance sheet stays positive.

How To Protect Artificial Grass At Your Commercial Office Location

Have you made a choice to install artificial grass in your commercial space? You’ve taken the first step to a long-lasting, maintenance-free yard that will always look pristine and green.

4 Necessary Things To Consider Before You Install Artificial Turf At Your Commercial Space

Using artificial grass at your commercial space is a great way to keep your maintenance costs down while keeping your property looking good to everyone who enters. But installing artificial grass at commercial locations isn’t necessarily the same as it would be with a residential backyard.

How To Reinvigorate Drab Landscaping At Commercial Buildings

Your commercial building’s entrance and parking lot are what every customer and tenant sees before they get to you. That means your landscaping needs to do some heavy lifting when it comes to making your first impression really matter.

Reduce Your Building’s Carbon Footprint By Installing Artificial Grass

Everyone likes to look at greenery — a full, lush backyard look more inviting than an empty desert. But the problem with modern landscaping is that it takes a significant toll on the environment and one that may not be sustainable for much longer.

Best Practices For Maintaining A High-Quality Commercial Landscape

Your high-end commercial office building deserves high-end, quality landscaping; welcome clients and guests with a view that reflects the care and attention that they can expect from the business within.

3 Businesses That Will Benefit From A Switch To Artificial Grass

For California businesses, a landscape that looks good, requires little-to-no maintenance and is eco-friendly definitely sounds too good to be true.

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